Reiki and Low of Attraction for Goal Manifestation

Article by Dr. Jayashree Ramana

The Low of attraction (LOA) is the principle that people, the things, the environments and the situations we have in our lives are simply the end creation of the energy that we put out in the world in terms of our emotions and thoughts. So as a corollary, it implies that if we change the energy that we put out, we can exercise our choice over the quality of things, circumstances and relationships we have in the world. it could include any goal that we wish to manifest including that coveted job, that dream house, that ideal partner you found in fairy tales, or anything that is on top of your wish list.

The LOA is based on the premise that the Universal identifies our vibration ( our innermost feeling) and responds accordingly by sending us the corresponding people or situations in our lives. So when you visualize your desired outcome even prior to its achievement, your emotional body radiates that vibration and hence your desire materializes in due course of time ( which could be as short a few seconds or as long as month or years.

For some people, the LOA works tangibly while for others it does not. This happens when you get attached to the outcome or have emotional blockages or hurdles that prevent the manifestation of the desire. Reiki helps to add an extra layer of intense and focused energy to the process of manifestation. Reiki also helps clear obstacles and emotional blockages you might have in the way of fruition of you goal. E.g. the LOA requires that you imagine and visualize as fulfilled, surrender and live in the present moment. Reiki keeps you so grounded that it becomes a child's play to put into practice. Thus, it helps to expedite the speed and success of your results.

The key to remember that the Universe works for your highest good and it may not give you necessarily what you want. Also never wish harm to someone because it would not work. Reiki might give you something even better that what you planned for yourself. Reiki helps us establish the connection with our Higher Self which knows what is best for us. When we constantly live in a vibration of trust, kindness, calmness, peace and joy, we manifest the things faster pace. Reiki empowers you to create your dream life and brings back the realization that we are spiritual beings undergoing a human experience, and not the reverse. We are all here to do our roles, live our best lives and at the same time contribute to the welfare of the entire planet because what goes around comes around.

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