How to Detect all Types of Negative Energies

To Define , negative energy is a thought or a cord or a feeling that makes you feel stuck or unable to break free. Its source is mainly fear, sometimes conscious and often unconscious fear. Negative energy in your aura can also belong to you or other people!

What are the different types of negative energies that can affect you?

  1. Negative Thought Patterns or Behaviour - these are often childhood related and can sometimes be past life related. Childhood trauma can block your natural thought process greatly. Childhood wounds do not go away with time, they remain in your psyche for years. They have to be brought out and healed.

  2. Past Life Blocks - these are usually deeply hidden in the subconscious mind. You will usually not be aware of these blokes . Also, past life blocks usually affect your temporarily as there are lessons attached to these. Once the lessons is learnt in this lifetime, the block gets removed.

  3. Spells or Curses - Again these are blocks may remain hidden for long time. You don't get to know you have been cursed or there are spells put on you, till your luck completely runs out. With all curses and spells, the intention of the spell or curse bearer is important. These are easier to remove than others .

  4. Entities or Sprits - These are easily detected. If you feel you are not yourself, unable to concentrate, feel emotions that do not belong to you or your eating habits and sleeping patterns are disturbed, you probably have an attachment in your aura. Simply prayers and rituals or Reiki Healing can remove these.

  5. Psychic Attacks - These are other people's thoughts and intentions, which is affect you. Often these are people you regularly hang out with and come back feeling drained. Psychic attacks usually affect back chakras of a person, blocking out your receiving side. In common terms this is known " Evil Eye."

  6. Cords - These are projections from the aura that connect you to objects, people and situations. They create tension in your being.

  7. Negative Space in Office or Home - This is also easy to understand because, it is only when you enter this space you feel drained or irritated. Other times you are all right.

How to Detect these these Energies?

These are very simple and yet effective procedure. If you follow this word by word you should be able to detect. Take a few deep breaths and calm yourself. Close your eyes and whisper softly or in mind " I want To connect with my soul." Say this 2-3 times. Pause for few seconds. then ask " are we connected?" You should ideally hear a yes.

Now this is the main part. Ask " Am I completely clear?" You may get yes or no answer. You need to ask the same question2 more times. The majority yes' or no's will give you the actual answer. Which means, if you hear 2 yes' and 1 no that means you are clear.

Suppose you hear no. Then individually. pick the types of the above mentioned negative energies and ask about each one 3 times.

For Instance, "Am I under psychic attack?" ask 3 times.

" Do I have cords attached to my aura?" ask 3 times

" Are there any curses or spells on me?" Ask 3 times.

" Are there any entities or sprits attached in my aura?" ask 3 times.

" Are there any past life blockages?" ask 3times

" Are any childhood memories plaguing me?" ask 3 times.

" Is my office or home space clear?" ask 3 times.

Remember to record the responses in your mind or in paper. This method is god enough for everyone.

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